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Invest in The Right Products And Have A Comfortable Lifestyle

Every household needs plumbing solutions. These solutions are provided best by people who have working knowledge of the techniques and performed best when you have the right tools and products. Be it plumbing fittings or pipes or any other important tool, the hard work becomes less once you pick the right products.

You have to survey and keep an eye on the following things for a trouble free smooth functioning at your home or office:

  1. There may be issues of leaking pipes or faucets. These things need to be fixed as soon as possible. If you allow these things to leak, then there will be either shortage or more malfunctioning. It i s a necessity for the house owner to get such problems fixed. If you use the right products, then chances of such leaking will be lessened.

  2. When there is a need to upgrade your systems. While upgrading, you can look at different factors like availability of cash or also at availability of select merchandise. But try to order the best supplies.

  3. There are many advantages and disadvantages of different products. Whether there is a need to join two pipes or bend something, you have to find the perfect fitting items. There may be low quality, duplicate or degraded materials available, and you may buy it by mistake. But, later you will experience trouble for sure. Therefore, don’t let that happen and find only genuine things.

Be it a PVC Tube, Electric or a Pressure pipe- always find high quality products in Pakistan. You will never regret with the right investment.

Why Choose PVC Over Other Material For Plumbing?

When it comes to selecting the right material for plumbing structure, there has always been a divide between copper and PVC. Whereas the traditional plumbers prefer copper, the new age plumbers go with PVC plumbing pipes. If you are planning to change the plumbing of the house or looking for plumbing solutions for your new house, it is necessary that you know about your options while making the right choice. Here are few points that might come in handy in proving PVC to be the best option for new age plumbing:

  • Budget option: No matter if, it is a small house or a huge building, copper pipes or metallic pipes are very expensive in comparison to the PVC tubes and pipes.
  • Lesser erosion: the erosion rate of copper pipes is more as compared to PVC pipes. PVC pipes can last for a very long time due to lack of interior damage. Also, there is always a fear of metal mixing in the water, especially for drinking water supply. It can be dangerous for people with copper or any form of metal allergies.
  • Maintains temperature: As compared to metal pipes, PVC pipes can maintain the temperature of water flowing within them. Henceforth, you will not have to invest on insulation of the plumbing unit. It is good for colder regions as well as for hotter regions.
  • Lightweight: This is undoubtedly the most beneficial factor. It becomes rather easier for one to handle PVC pipes, transport them and install them due to their lightweight, which is not possible with copper pipes. Apart from this, PVC pipes can also reduce the pressure on the walls and structure of the building, which is again not possible with heavy and huge copper pipes.

All these and many other beneficial pointers are present in PVC pipes making it undoubtedly the best plumbing solution!

Master Pipe Plumbing Solutions: Leading Source of Industrial Pipes in Faisalabad

Before placing a foundation of any building or residential complex, the first and foremost thing that is ensured is the availability of a proper water supply & drainage system. To ascertain that the water supply and drainage system is properly working and shall be in the future by looking at the conditions of the type of plumbing pipe used.


Plumbing pipes, in general are used for the passage of water or waste in commercial or ordinary residential areas. On the other hand, Polypropylene or PP pipes are widely used in industrial processing for passage of corrosive agents or substances. They are generally used for passage of materials that have high temperatures i.e. up to 150° F such as various industrial chemicals and gases.


Master Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited, based in Faisalabad, Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of a variety of industrial and commercial pipes starting from PVC Pipes & Pipe fittings to polypropylene and plumbing pipes. Being an ISO-9001/2008 certified company, it manufactures highly resistant Polypropylene pipes that are known for their good resistance ability to strong acids along with being good non-conductors of electricity. It is one of the commonly used piping materials used for industrial purpose in and around Faisalabad for it’s highly resistance ability to reagents like sulfuric acid and caustic soda.


Master Pipe plumbing pipes are in high demand for use in hand operated deep well pumps, tube wells, drainage or sewage systems and other agricultural use starting from green house irrigation to for water sprinkling horticulture projects. These plumbing pipes are cost effective and have good elastic properties along with being light weight and easy to transport.  One of the common drawbacks of using plastic pipes for plumbing is that they are easily cracked when exposed to high temperature.