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Master Pipe Industries (Pvt) Limited is manufacturing a complete range of uPVC Electrical Conduit Pipes and Fittings. Our Electrical Conduit Pipes are available in 1/2″ to 6″ diameters in standard length of 10 feet. Electrical Conduit Pipes & Fittings are used in various applications including:

  • – Cable, data and communication lines.
  • – Institutional, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • – Residential applications, including service entrances.
  • – Transportation systems – bridges, tunnels and airports.

Master Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd, a quality conscious company, manufactures its Conduit System in conformity with BS-6099. We are valued by our customers because of our service

Dimensions of PVC Conduit Pipes

Master PVC Electrical Conduits are available in the following dimensions:


1/2″ 17.0 17.3 0.96 1.16 SOCKET
1/2″ to 8″
3/4″ 21.2 21.5 1.09 1.26 BENDS
1/2″ to 8″
1″ 26.6 26.9 1.16 1.36 BEND LONG RADIUS
3/4″ to 1 1/2″
1 1/4″ 33.4 33.7 1.44 1.67 JOINT BOX WALL TYPE
1/2″ to 2 “
1 1/2″ 42.1 42.4 1.60 1.84 JOINT BOX ROOF TYPE
3/4″ to 1 1/2″
2 60.2 60.5 1.70 1.90 FAN / LIGHT BOX
6″/3″ , 4 “
3 88.7 89.1 1.80 2.00 ELBOW / TEE
4 114.1 114.5 1.90 2.10 Solvent Cement
250 grm, 500 grm


We offer a complete line of Fittings to be used with our

Conduit Pipes:

Bends – short and long radius (1/2” to 6”)

Sockets (1/2” to 6”)

Junction box – wall and roof type

Saddle clip

Fan box

Light box (3” and 4”)

Quality Management

With the very first pipe Master set its standards high for quality product. Customers can be confident that Master has the capacity and capability to make products which not only comply with the relevant National, International and British Standards but also meet its own strict criteria of consistent high quality and performance. To ensure these high standards, Master follows a policy of using best quality raw material formulations. These, in combination with latest and automated controlled equipment, produce a guaranteed end-product. Master uPVC Pipe systems are vigorously inspected and tested in a well equipped laboratory.


Corrosion Resistant: As they will not rust or corrode from electro chemical and galvanic environments.

Non-Conductive: since PVC is an insulated material.

Self-Extinguishing: No fire hazard, inhibit fire growth.

Durable: No degradation of material.

Light Weight Material: It is comparatively 1/5th the weight of steel and half the weight of aluminium, therefore making it easier to move and handle.

Labour Savings: It is easy to install, cut and join without the requirement of any special tools.

Smooth Interior: – Wire is not damaged when pulled through.