PVC Pipe Manufacturers and Relevant Tips for Buyers

The use of PVC pipe goes back to a long time in world history. These pipes are essential components of many manufacturing processes and the best part is that raw PVC could be used for producing a thousand usable items.


There are reasons why these pipes are preferred over metal and other plastic pipes. These are more durable and way too stronger than their counterparts. These are ideal for withstanding very high temperatures and also lots of pressures. There have been differences in the way these things were manufactured earlier and today. Today, PVC pipe manufacturers have become smarter and more technology oriented than their ancestors. Nowadays, they make them more resistant and stronger. So the uses of these have become easier and simpler in various household items like garden hose.


Sometimes manufacturers add plasticizers so that the flexibility may be increased without deteriorating the physical properties. But plasticizers may also make these pipes brittle and hence careful manufacturing processes are necessary.


There are many plus points of using these products. These are corrosion resistant and unlike metal products, these are not vulnerable to rusting. These are light weight, simple to carry- and yet very strong in their physical outlook.


Where can you buy top quality pipes from?


PVC tube or pipes are generally available in the market. But if you are quality conscious then, you should specifically buy from companies that use good manufacturing practices. While placing order, you must keep in mind that your requirement should be order specific. It means you should order the quality, which you think would fulfill your needs the best. Buy from industries that can give you discounts and favorable pricing on bulk purchasing. At the same time, do not forget to ask about the warranty on your ordered products.

Choose the Right PVC Pipes for Gardens

Gardens or landscapes add life to a building. They are refreshingly beautiful making the structure pop out of boring surroundings. However, even these beautiful pieces of land can turn into nightmare due to wrong plumbing. Safeguard your gardens with high end plumbing fittings by Master Pipe. Tried and tested PVC pipes under stressful conditions for delivering the best results.


Since gardens are located in open, which means plumbing has to bear all kinds of weather related issues. If PVC pipes and fittings are not of good quality, they tend to break, develop cracks and such other problems. Even a minor crack in the pipe can lead to major troubles. Plants and grass in the garden need specific amount of water to survive. If it is a bit more or less, it can probably kill them. poor quality PVC fittings often lead to leakage issues, which can kill your plants slowly.


You will not even know about the leakage since the pipes are often hidden until it has damaged most of your garden. Also it leads to wastage of water which is not a good idea. Get rid of such problems for a long term by opting for the high-end quality PVC pipes and fittings made by Expert PVC pipe manufacturers. These pipes are made by following the international standards of tensile and hardness thus ensuring their durability in every weather condition.


Not just the weather, high quality PVC pipes can also bear other factors such as hygiene and cleanliness. Garden plumbing pipes are exposed to humid surroundings and microbes. With PVC pipes by Master Pipes, you can prevent such issues keeping your pipes safe from all kinds of fungal and microbial growth. Keep your garden green and refreshing with high quality tried and tested PVC pipes by Master Pipes.

Master Pipes: A New Destination for Fittings to Ease Your Life

Master Pipe Industries Ltd is the company that manufactures uPVC pipes, PPRC Pipes and fittings. We are a PVC pipe manufacturing company based in Pakistan. We do provide high quality in variety of products like PVC Pipes and Plumbing Pipes that are not only used in large projects but also liked much by our small scale consumers too.

uPVC Pipes:

PVC or the Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a type of polymer which is manufactured by the polymerization process and since its introduction, it has taken over role as a keen element in almost every industry. Be it raincoats, cables, bottles, credit cards or pipes, it has proved a strong replacement for Aluminum and Copper pipes. The main advantage of PVC is that it is fire as well as water resistant. PVC pipes are strong as well as light weight. Due to its high durability, it has soon become much popular construction company as well. It is said that some high quality PVC pipes like we manufacture have lifetime of 40 years and in other applications like cable insulation can live more than 40 years.


In addition to PVC pipes, we also manufacture uPVC Electric conduits. uPVC or the UN Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is one form of PVC. PVC without plasticizes is known as uPVC. They’re best for plumbing pipes. It has all the properties of PVC like fire-resistant and water- resistant. The only difference between them is that uPVC is rigid, means they’re not flexible. Due to this property, it is used in many industries. We have been manufacturing such uPVC plumbing pipes since many years and it is being used in industries like Electrical Wiring System, Soil, Waste and vent pipes. It is best for plumbing pipes and fittings for residential houses, flats and multi-story buildings where as the master pipes are used for Deep Well Pumps, Tube wells, Sewage, Drainage, and Sanitary Plumbing. Apart from these our uPVC Electrical Conduits are also used in Agriculture, Green House irrigation, Air conditioning, and Horticulture too.


Our company Master Pipe, a PVC pipe manufacturing company is a quality aware company. We have gained an IS-9001/2008 certificate and an honorable certificate from Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) with PS-3051/1991= BS-3505/1968. We have also earned approval from Public Health Engineering Department & Punjab Building Department.


Our focus has always been customer satisfaction and we strive to provide high quality products with innovation that are reflected in every step of our business. We believe that our fame is only due to the support of our trustworthy and loving customers that have earned us a dignified position today among the leading PVC Pipe manufacturers across the country.


We have been providing personalized solutions to a cross-section of market for more than ten years. Our Master promise is always fulfilled by our employees and staff in form of our advanced technical support services. Our company, Master Pipe focuses on the various phases of Plastic Pipe system right from its development to distribution phase. We also do provide a complete water cycle solution as well as industrial applications.


We assure you of great quality products with an advanced and supportive customer services.